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Automation industrial washing machines L-25, L-50

Automation industrial washing machines L-25, L-50

Washing machines L-25, L-50 - washing machines for laundry, hospitals, schools and other businesses which need to produce large quantities of washing laundry. Conditions for the operation of this type of equipment is rather heavy, both in terms of mode of operation both in terms of environment and the exploitation of (increased humidity, the possibility of a direct hit water). It also plays a significant role often ignorant or negligent attitude of the service personnel such installations We saw this when we received an application from municipal agencies "House disabled and the elderly" on repairs and maintenance data washing machines.
Do we vehicles serviced several organizations, and the fact that we had won in a defective condition or very poor condition. After a survey of washing machines requiring repair, it was decided to replace the complete management system washing machine, as was the old "dochinena" to the state and thrown obscene previous organization to the same all government offices located on the front panel were dangerous to the life of voltage 220 volts.
Management System has been implemented on the basis of standard industrial controller LK-10 produced by our organization, and was developed by the operator panel. As a result, the process of washing, maintain the temperature was completely automated, minimized system refusals, and as a result has been increased productivity and reduced labor, as with the control panel were removed voltage life-threatening.
The photo below you can see Superintendent LC-10 controller and operator panel (on the picture from left), a new system of governance, and the old panel upravlenya which was equipped with a washing machine L-50 (right)

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